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Profile of Yuanyang

  Yuanyang County, located in South Yunnan Province and the south of Ailao mountain range, southwest Red River Prefecture, south bank of Red River, east longitude 102 ° 27'-103 ° 13 ', north latitude 22 ° 49'-23 ° 19', with a total area of 2,189.88 km2 and 100% mountainous area without plain. Yuanjiang and Ailao mountain deep fault zone run through the whole area, intermittent increasing tectonic movement is significant, the terrain inclines from northwest to southeast, the cutting of the ground is deep, eroded by Yuanjiang on the north, deeply cut by Tengjiang on the south, forming the eroded landform pattern of two mountains (Guanyin Mountain, Watershed Mountain), two valleys (Red River Valley, Tengtiaojiang Valley) and three sides of slopes. There’re thousands of mountains and valleys, full of rivers and ravines within Yuanyang County. Therefore, Qing Lin' an Government Records describe the geography of Yuanyang County "the terrain is difficult, the mountains are precipitous, the ridges are grand, the mist is around the cliffs, the peaks hung upside down the river valleys". The difference of the elevation in the county is relatively larger. The lowest point is Xiaohekou with 144 m, the highest point is Baiyanzi Mountain with 2,939.6 m, the difference is nearly 2,800 m.
  Yuanyang County has favorable natural resources, the climate is complex due to the complex topography, the terrain is undulating, three-dimensional change of the climate is significant, so there’s the saying of “one mountain has four seasons, the weather and climate changes from mile to mile". The ecological environment is good and the biological resources are rich because of the complex topography, diverse climate, thousands of mountains and rivers. The County has 10,000 hectares of forest with the coverage of 23%, the main vegetation is south subtropical evergreen broad leaved forest. About the wild animals, just birds and mammals are more than 50 species, of which there’re 26 state-level rare and protected animals. Especially Yuanyang has more than 1,000 km2 of land resources of hot zone with rich light, heat, rain and good temperature conditions, known as the "natural greenhouse”, has a great potential for developing tropical fruit, aromatic plants, economic trees, flowers and other biological resources.

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