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Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan Expo Group signed a tourism investment in strategic cooperation framework agreement

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        July 28, 2008, Red River State Government and the Expo Garden Hotel in Kunming, Yunnan Expo Group signed a the Tourism Investment strategic cooperation agreement. Liu Ping, vice governor, provincial departments responsible for Zhouweishuji Liu Yiping, state deputy secretary of the governor Yang Fusheng, the State Committee of the Standing Committee, the State Committee Secretary-General Yang Weimin, the state party committee, vice governor Zhao grid, the Secretary-General of the State Government Ma Wenliang, the State Tourism Bureau Zhang Biwei attended the signing ceremony. Zhouweishuji Liu Yiping, Yunnan Expo Group Chairman Zhang Li Kun has speech at the signing ceremony.
        Liu Yiping said, the the Honghe Prefecture is rich in tourism resources, high grade, rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery, many historical sites, great potential for development. In recent years, the Red River State to further implement the decisions and plans of the provincial government on the Yunnan Tourism "second pioneering", adhere to the large investment of large projects driven by the Red River tourism development, to the all-round development of the tourist economy, driven by the tertiary industry, focus improving the tourism infrastructure, and earnestly promote the tourism construction of major projects and high-end tourism product development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry and promote tourism resources advantage to the tourism industry and tourism economic advantages and constantly improve the elements of the integrated tourism industry, tourism, a full development pattern is formed, statewide tourism economic development is full of vigor and vitality. To the development of the tourism industry of the Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan tourism "second pioneering" brought a rare historical opportunity, take full advantage of the Red River the unique enrichment tourist resources, and to further expand cooperation in the development and absorb the advantages of enterprises and the various elements involved in the construction of the Red River Tourism, Red River tourism development must be an important step.
        Liu Yiping Yunnan Expo Group is a rising star of large enterprises in Yunnan Province, with the stock market financing, brand advantage and successful experience in the development and management of tourist attractions. Yunnan Expo Group to build a strategic partnership with Red River tourism resources, ecological community development cooperation issues surrounding the development and construction of the Red River tourism resources to implement a full range of strategic cooperation, in accordance with the principle of "government-led enterprises to participate in the operation of the market" give full play to the advantage of both sides, to strengthen the strategic cooperation between the two sides on the basis of complementary advantages, mutual benefit, project construction and development and achieve common development, the Red River tourism development opportunity, is financing a major move to promote the development of the tourism industry in Red River, the promotion of the Red River better and faster development of the tourism industry, to expand the development space of Yunnan Expo Group will have a positive role in promoting. Tourism Development and Investment Cooperation Agreement signed with Yunnan Expo Group, will gradually to form the Hani Terrace as a leader, the Vietnam Railway main line, national culture LanSheng area as the core of Red River tourism boutique line, for to drive my state tourism projects, tourism product development, promote economic and social development of our State will play a positive role in promoting. He said that the state commission, the state government will try to do the work to create a good environment for the development and the development of space tourism investment and development in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Expo Group.
        Yunnan Expo Group Chairman Zhang Li Kun said in his speech, Yunnan Expo Group and Honghe Prefecture tourism development and investment cooperation agreement signed both Yunnan Expo Group to expand opening up, accelerate the development of the inevitable choice of Honghe Prefecture accelerate the tourism industry transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency the smooth implementation culture xingzhou, travel Fumin strategies are urgently needed. He believes that as long as the two sides to cooperate in good faith, we must make the brand and resource advantages into economic advantages, harvest the fruits of mutual benefit and win-win, Yunnan Tourism "second pioneering" in the process of building the tourism economy should contribution.
At the signing ceremony, the governor Yang Fusheng Hanazawa Fei, general manager of Yunnan Expo Group signed a the Honghe Prefecture People's Government of Yunnan Expo Group Limited strategic cooperation framework agreement. The Yuanyang County Magistrate Zhang, Mengzi County Agent Magistrate Su Chang, Jianshui County Magistrate OF GAS signed with Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Expo Group project leader Xu Qiuyan "Yunnan Expo Group Co., Ltd., Yuanyang County People's Government on Yuanyang Hani Terrace project developed in cooperation framework agreement "," Yunnan Expo Group Co., Ltd., Mengzi County People's Government about the Mengzi Changqiaohai Tourist Resort Area to develop strategic framework agreement "and" Yunnan Expo Group Co., Ltd., Jianshui County People's Government on the construction of water tourism development cooperation strategy framework agreement ".
        The signing ceremony, broadcast Red River tourism promotion piece and Yunnan Expo Tourism promotion piece of Li Huaifu, Li Huaixiu stone screen "Dragon Yi" Huayao Troupe wonderful the original ecology of ethnic song and dance performances at the invitation of the State Tourism Bureau.

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