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Yunnan to carry out a series of activities to celebrate the Vietnam Railway centennial

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        March 31, the value of a hundred years ago, will be hailed as one of the world's three major works wonders Dianyuetielu centennial Dianyuetielu large-scale exhibition in the Yunnan Provincial Museum grand opening. Yunnan officials, railway staff, community representatives and guests from France, Vietnam to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition concept and happily.
More than means to show Dianyuetielu
        Date large-scale exhibitions, historical data, Virtual and photographic art, comprehensive and systematic introduction to the history of publicity Dianyuetielu, and guide people to recognize the the Vietnam Railway profound historical and cultural value and great value of development and utilization evoke respect for history awareness of preserving our heritage, to create the Vietnam Railway historical and cultural protection and utilization of the social atmosphere.
        Stroked the old steam locomotive head, walked simulation train station brand, the riding  Dianyuetielu roadmap into the exhibition hall, as into the Vietnam Railway tunnel of time; hundreds Zhanglao photos and text, with the viewer REVIEW Dianyuetielu a century of vicissitudes. Hundreds of spectators for a long time to stop, review history, the expression of respect for history.
Series of activities to commemorate the meter gauge centuries
        Memorial the Vietnam Railway opened to traffic centuries activities held on the same day, there Dianyuetielu protection and utilization of the Expert Forum "and" Vietnam Railway tourism promotional activities.
Vietnam Railway's core area of ​​the Red River State also held a series of major events in China's modern history, opening of Memorial Dianyuetielu, centuries. Centuries Vietnam Railway Forum organized by the state, will be invited to the National around the Dianyuetielu history experts, scholars attended explore the conservation, development and utilization of the Dian; and publication of the famous explorer Jin Fei Bao foot Dianyuetielu "Rise of rail secret "and a commemorative stamp folder; taken by the relevant organizations, produced the TV documentary" Quest the word bridge "and the six-episode television series" Vietnam Railway, also broadcast on local television in the same period.

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        Dianyuetielu with multiple values ​​of the Protection and Development of promising
Scene of the Yunnan Province Memorial Dianyuetielu opening of Centennial activities, the reporter interviewed a special trip to come to participate in the activities of the Red River Zhouweishuji Liu Yiping. As a core area in Vietnam Railway in power officials, Liu Yiping to this centuries meters of track multiple value Hong deeper study; talked about Vietnam Railway protection, development and utilization, Liu Yiping placed great expectations.
Precious heritage of urgent importance to the protection and development
        Liu Yiping said, Vietnam Railway is a special product of special historical stage, under the special historical background, and thus has its special history. Dianyuetielu not only witnessed the history of the struggle of the Chinese nation vulnerable against the power of blood and fire, objectively steel channel communication as Yunnan and Mainland China and abroad, and also played an invaluable role in the opening up and development of Yunnan. Liu Yiping special mention, after the opening of the Vietnam Railway Gejiu's tin mining, dressing and smelting technology innovation, production surge, as represented by the Red River Yunnan Nationalities rapid industrial development, and laid the foundation of modern industry in Yunnan.
        For the Vietnam Railway protection, Liu Yiping clear-cut: Dianyuetielu itself is the the expedition research "living fossil". Protection of the Vietnam Railway, Yunnan modern history, opening up history can be studied not only the history of railway construction, the tunnel bridge construction history, from the Hong living specimens.
Play service along the economic development of the cultural tourism function
        It seems, on the one hand, in Liu Yiping, Vietnam Railway Central Plains culture and frontier culture, the law more culture and national culture, a blend of Chinese culture and Western culture, and the testimony of the collision. Railway via the 12 ethnic minority areas in Yunnan, the collision of Eastern and Western cultures that gave birth to many in the Western cultural characteristics significant, cohesion  the unique landscape of the Western engineering and technical personnel with Chinese labor intelligent. On the other hand, the Vietnam Railway along the history and culture, rich natural and cultural landscape World rare, its aesthetic value universally rare major cultural tourism function be developed and utilized, will play a strong role in pushing forward economic and social development along the .
Opening up the construction of the new positioning to open a "bridgehead"
        Liu Yiping said, Vietnam Railway created a history of opening to the outside world in Yunnan, southwest-oriented open significant "bridgehead" for the current Yunnan.
Liu Yiping with  China - ASEAN Free Trade Area built the Red River once again pushed to the important position of opening. In such a situation, the Red River to the outside world will focus on "positioning start working clearly in the direction of opening to the outside world, the combination of a joint force of opening up to the outside world, improve the level of opening up to the outside world" into a "bridgehead" Yunnan opening to the outside world and even the Southwest. Formed a big investment, promote the development trend, to promote investment development; China Red River - Vietnam-Lao Cai border economic cooperation zones, the Red River, construction of industrial parks, promoting the construction of Mengzi Free Trade Zone, the formation of a number of environmental and excellent quality service to attract strong opening up the platform and carrier; construction of a high level of export-oriented economy and promote more enterprises to use external resources, external market development to production, "going to open up more space for development; build larger, higher levels of open economies, promotion of foreign trade development has been included as specific initiatives to improve the level of opening up in the Red River.

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Kaiyuan: "the train pulled to the city" to transform into a modern industrial and commercial city "
Since the Vietnam Railway not driving at night, and thus in a very long period of time, regardless of ride estuary or on the meter-gauge train to Kunming, select Overnight in Kaiyuan.
Or vice versa passenger traffic, logistics at this intersection, and rich lignite resources, to Kaiyuan become a "train pull to the industrial and commercial city.

Dianyuetielu achievement industrial civilization
The Vietnam Railway opened in 1916, the local merchant-gentry funding Kaiyuan founder of the brightly lit Electric Company; 1936, the mining company in Yunnan Kaiyuan founder of the hydropower plant, the main material by Vietnam Railway transported into.
The middle of the last century, the Kaiyuan the transportation advantages, location advantages, resources and cultural advantages, the State will be a large number of industrial projects layout Kaiyuan, forming the industrial development of the industry ecosystem: The Vietnam Railway stimulating development of Xiaolongtan coal the convenience of transportation and resources, contributed to the hydro and thermal power, as a new type of energy and electricity, but also for the many factories endless power. At the same time, dozens of products wholesale company located in the Kaiyuan, Kaiyuan very popular, and chemicals, building materials, energy base and material distribution center.

One Village One Product promote rural tourism
These days, the Kaiyuan propaganda Minister Song Wen has been tied in the hair Village. Song Wen Here there is an identity - to promote rural tourism task of village leader. Far away from the Vietnam Railway Yulin Hill Station fat Village, is relying on the railway line, rub village near Yulin Hill station and quite famous 10th hole bridge, build the Vietnam Railway online features tourist village.
Urbanization for almost 70% of the Kaiyuan focus on the development of urban and rural areas in recent years, on the basis of a one-time rural Fourteen difficult this year to start a revolution to enhance the level and the level of the new rural construction - to promote rural tourism.
The Kaiyuan the strategic objectives of the Rural Tourism is positioned as "Kaiyuan features, with an international level of tourism, recreation and sports, leisure, vacation as the integrated tourist". 14 traffic conditions are good, the the distinctive village is a select group, pre-start from the infrastructure, environmental construction, the starting point building has a distinctive regional specialties and international impact of domestic Kaiyuan rural tourism.

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        In Mengzi: Modern cultural landscape Achievement special tourism
Mengzi, a little-known border town since the Vietnam Railway opened a Yunnan curtain opening to the outside world: a large number of import and export goods in distribution; flooded with foreign bars, cafes, bakeries in the city; foreign companies in setting up Matheson, firm, agency; multinational officials, businessmen gathered here, leaving many of Yunnan's open blot.
Principal station into tourism planning
        Although after a hundred years, and still well-preserved former Customs staff canteen, Yang Guozhu greatest wish is that the government investment in repairs, and rented it to start their own tourism projects Nongjiale.
Years has been 65-year-old Yang Guozhu life never left bisezhai this year only the Principal in the Vietnam Railway Station. Since the relics administrator was hired a few years ago to take up daily inspections of the former care bisezhai with heritage value then companies, hotels, cafes, to receive visitors about the rise and fall of the task bisezhai, Yang Guozhu they want every day, and from the railroad tracks on both sides of the village.
Run Nongjiale Yang Guozhu emboldened from a good cook. Several times a year the opportunity to show visitors the culinary Yang Guozhu, received by government officials, experts and scholars, traveling salesman and travel team; foot emboldened, is the Yang Guozhu found in the daily inspections, the past few years to bisezhai travel, more and more visits to the crowd. Only after the Spring Festival this year, already receive visitors more than 200 people, many of them tourists from the United States, Canada and other countries.
        Mengzi County Tourism Secretary Zhou Jing, revealed that more complete preservation of the historic look quite law more style, carrying the ever-changing historical events and legendary bisezhai, have been incorporated into the county's tourism industry planning. French style town, Economic and Cultural Forum, the Vietnam Railway theme Cultural Park project, including conceptual planning has been completed, the part of the project is expected to commence this year.
"France yellow" embellishment "Mengzi Green"
        Because Vietnam Railway, the Mengzi this border town of Yunnan Customs a first consulate, the first foreign bank, telegraph office, and many made famous. So far, the French building of the Consulate General of France, French garden, the brother group of people with disabilities hotel still retained a distinctive "French yellow; also because Vietnam Railway, the Li Gongpu, heard more than one other Chinese cultural celebrities with the the Southwest Associated Faculty of Arts moved Chen Yinke to Mengzi, leaving the South Lake Scenery "chant.
Recent years, tens of thousands of acres of contiguous planting Mengzi specialty industry pomegranate, Chinese agricultural tourism demonstration area; the Mengzi urban greening venue into the scene, the scene with the walking, the Yunnan Garden City. Green everywhere, form a unique "Mengzi Green.
Stroll each other, Mengzi, France yellow "and" Mengzi Green "piece of" Mengzi Green "embellishment" France yellow reveries: "France yellow" and "Mengzi Green" show and foreign clash of civilizations, a blend of Chinese and Western cultures.

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        The topic in more work together to create a golden tourist corridor
Dr. Chen Lin geostrategic known research; as a Honghe Zhou Renda Director, Chen Lin has always been concerned about the traffic and the local economic and social development; Yunnan Province, Yunnan-Vietnam Railway Research Association, Chen Lin, with its unique perspective, advocating more hands, protection, development and the use of Dianyuetielu, playing golden tourist corridor.
"Vietnam Railway centuries scenery picture of the areas of Yunnan and Vietnam." In the eyes of Chen Lin, the Vietnam Railway not only has great historical and cultural value, more major tourism value. Honghe Prefecture in not only Hani Terrace cave wonders, strange mountains, forest and other natural landscape, rich national culture, the the Mengzi Modern cultural landscape, the world tin old industrial and commercial city of Kaiyuan, the leisure resort Maitreya. "Vietnam Railway is a world cultural heritage shared by the people of China and Vietnam, a golden tourist corridor, the sum of the eternal spirit of wealth." Chen Lin concluded.
For protection, development and utilization of the Dian Chen Lin suggested China and Vietnam together do five articles: "census" find out the base, protection, development, using Dianyuetielu lay the foundation; consider the introduction of management approach or the NPC's legislative Dianyuetielu be protected; Third common "change Po", will focus on Dianyuetielu architecture, focusing on heritage, focusing on sites become a provincial or national key cultural relics protection, and efforts the the Yunnan segment "and" the more segments "into a" national treasure "; common inscription, and strive for the inclusion of the" World Heritage List; Fifth joint development and utilization of Dianyuetielu important site of important facilities repair old as important scenic attractions packaging upgrade, tourist train in an important area, an important area opened.
It is reported that the person in charge of the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam has said that the common argument is willing to work with China on the World Heritage of Vietnam Railway.
The author Ding Shuyong (Hong Kong Wen Wei Po)

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