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Dianyuetielu what the name of the inscription

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        Vietnam Railway, whether it is building the history of railway construction technology or railway scenery, no doubt with the potential to become a World Heritage. But in my opinion, before the inscription, we must first figure out the name of what the inscription.
        Live as a the mountain railways masterpiece and technical model samples, Dianyuetielu perhaps really worth in letters sum is the history of railway construction. Because of its steep extraordinary design and a huge project, the railway was world-famous British "Times" called par with the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, the world's three major engineering miracle ". But these are not worth we pride or Vietnamese capital, because the technology is of others, rather than their own. Either China or Vietnam, did not have such railway construction technology.
        A spike of a drop of blood, a crosstie a life. According to statistics, from March 1903 to start construction to Vietnam Railway opened to traffic the the Vietnam Railway Kun reach to the March 31, 1910, more than 50,000 Chinese railway workers killed in railway construction site, some say that those who died in the "six seventy thousand men. "The Vietnam Railway after the completion of the railway and to the Yunnan bring the number of well-being, has become a law imperialist plunder resources and squeeze the tool of the blood and sweat of the people. Frenchman Burton-on: "After the completion of the Vietnam Railway, not only in Yunnan province's business is a legal person to master, and the Yunnan government is also in the hands of the government in Paris." Whether this is a full culture railway or bloody railway?
       Inscription is to protect, this is actually a beautiful guise of. For many places, the purpose of the inscription is probably still in order to develop tourism, to invigorate the economy. I favor of Dianyuetielu inscription, but not in favor of the so-called "cultural routes" in the name of the inscription. Vietnam Railway objective to promote the opening of Yunnan, the Sino-Vietnamese ties in the communication, but in essence, this railway in the final analysis one full of aggression, the suffering and the bloody railway. I hope Dianyuetielu the suffering culture rather than on behalf of the Tourism and Culture inscription.
The Kanto off (Spring City Evening News)

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