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he moisture of natural "reservoir" Yuanyang terraces in Yunnan province are not affected by droughts

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  Although the days of drought, but to Yuanyang Hani terraces tourists but no less. Reporter Wang Zonglin photo

  At noon today, in Yuanyang more trees by the scenic area, tourists come to watch the terraces kept on the roadside shuttle. Waters full of water, looked from a distance, the water in the upper terraced water toward the lower reaches, in the sunlight, it is very beautiful, the tourists holding the camera competing to press the shutter.

  "Although the 60-year drought in the event, but the terraces of water fairly enough scenic area because we have this natural 'reservoir'." Du Yi Shu village head pointing to the water behind the terrace melon woods that the entire terraced area in fact And there is no reservoir, and from the woods Qingliu flow out of the stream can be layers of terraced irrigation.

  Qingkou Scenic Area Qingkou Village, only part of the mountain species of vegetables, slopes of soybean and other crops have been wilt seedlings. The villagers said Zhang, Xiaochun this year, a great loss, but the big spring production has not yet begun, and now began breeding rice, the impact is not great, as long as the rain in April, the village of spring production should be no problem.

  60 years of drought did not affect the terraces? Hong Weizhou, deputy director of the National People's Congress Zhang Weidong said, it is not surprising, how high the mountain, how high the water, which is Yuanyang 19 million mu of the mystery of terrace irrigation system. In fact, most of the terraces at an altitude of 800 meters -1200 meters, the top of the terraced reservoir has a natural - Guanyinshan provincial nature reserve. The water source of Yuanyang terrace is mostly from this nature reserve. Hani villages have a similar law, the top is a forest, the mountain is a village, and the stockade is the following terraces. Streams in the woods provide village life, flowing through the village to irrigate terraces.

  Yuanyang County Terraced Management Bureau, Wang Jianping, the Spring Festival in Yuanyang terrace through the core area. In the face of drought, Wang Jianping's biggest task is to ensure that the scenic 19 million mu of land has water. As long as a terraced water shortage, immediately discuss countermeasures. "People planting trees, water conservation of trees, irrigated fields." Wang Jianping summed up the terraced ecosystem. There are 1,000 years of terraced fields, although experienced several severe drought, but the loss is not great. In the early 2005 drought, only a small part of the terraced water dry. This year the terraces so far have not found serious water shortages.

  Yuanyang County Flood Control Office, there is such a set of data, Yuanyang County, a total of 7 million mu of land affected, including some slopes. More than 50,000 people living in drinking water difficulties. Flood Control Office staff support Yunhai said that although the whole terraced water, but overall, not very serious. Although the masses of water, but the village next to the Qing ditch has water, the villagers do not need to carry water to a very distant place. (City Times reporter Wang Zonglin)

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