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Busy in spring ploughing of terraces Catch dreams on the pace of spring

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  Yunnan Yuanyang terrace is located in Yuanyang County, is the core area of ​​Honghe Hani terraces, 17 million mu of the wide, 1300 years of history. Yunnan Honghe Hani terraces large-scale, magnificent, stretching throughout the Red River south of the Red River, Yuanyang, Lvchun and Jinping counties. Because the perennial persist in returning farmland to forest, the mountain formed a good ecological cycle system, even if the drought in Yunnan in recent years, the terraces have not been much affected.

  Yuanyang Hani terraces there are three major scenic spots: the dam has 14,000 acres of scenic terraces, Tiger mouth area has nearly 6,000 acres of terraced fields, according to a tree area on the mu of terraces. Terraces are built on the slopes, the slope of 15 ° to 75 ° between. A hillside, terraced the highest level up to 3000, is very rare, with the vast forest and the long sea of ​​clouds, a spectacle.

  【Travel Tips】

  Tour: Yuanyang is located in subtropical, spring comes early, March is the planting season. When the spring plowing, Hani terraced fields filled with water till the rice transplanting, the terraces become thousands of mirrors, reflecting the blue sky Castle Peak, magnificent. Yuanyang locals say, sunrise should be more to the tree, sunset to go Lao Huzui, if you want to understand the culture of Hani have to Qingkou.

  Cuisine: Yunnan Honghe specialties with Hani ethnic bamboo pork and authentic Mengzi from the bridge noodle, etc., Honghe tofu is also very unique.

  Transportation: can take the plane to Kunming, and then take a direct bus to Yuanyang County, can also choose chartered.

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