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Inherit Hani architectural style, show colorful ethnic customs Qingkou Village becomes the new bright spot in Yuanyang tourism

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  Under the blue sky and white clouds, the mushroom room is embedded in the sea of ​​clouds and terraced fields; beside the village cultural square, the water grinds, the water mill and the water dolphin stand according to the stream. Qingyang Village, Yuanyang County, inherited the architectural style of Hani houses in the construction of new countryside and carried forward the essence of outstanding national culture, which was particularly attractive. Last year, the per capita net income of the village increased from 627 yuan to 1483 yuan.

  Qingkou is a Yuanyang County, there are 180 households, 855 Hani cottage, located 7 km away from the old town of Yuanyang Yuanyang terraced core area, with Hani cottage typical forest - creek - village - terrace "four Isomorphism "landscape. In the past, due to the village road unreasonable, dirty and chaotic village, the villagers thought closed, refused to outsiders to visit the village to take photographs. In 2002, the county identified as a new rural construction pilot, the village to guide the work of the county and township cadres to listen to the views of the villagers that the Hani village foundation, building a new rural blindly brick structure of residential buildings The Hani residential building represented by mushroom house embodies the connotation of Hani people's symbiosis and co-prosperity with nature and harmonious development of farming culture, which should be maintained and restored. The new rural construction activities should not only learn Popularization of modern scientific and cultural knowledge, but also heritage Hani excellent cultural essence; not only to carry out ideological and moral education, but also carry forward the national respect for the young, unity and traditional virtues. In view of this understanding, the village by prominent national characteristics and careful planning and design, phased organization and implementation. Village village construction, rural power grid renovation, water bank loan, the construction of ecological village, civilized village, well-off village, poverty alleviation key village project funds, the village collective purchase brick material, organize masses to cast labor, built village Stone Stone Road, the village built a drainage channel underground channel, the hardening of the quartzite pavement, the village walls of the house for uniform color packaging cosmetic. In the past few people put mushroom room grass roof into asbestos roof, now also restored the grass roof, the original spider-like wire, in the power grid transformation in all buried underground. Repair the village side of the stream of water mill, Shuimo, Shueiduei, built the village Hani performing arts team, in addition to performances outside the village, but also such as the opening festival, the new rice section, bitter Zaza section, Ang Ma Festival, jump Music, Muque dance, brown fan dance, swing, long street feast and other Hani folk culture and art of mining, sorting, rescue.

  Through the efforts of a few years, a residential building quaint and quiet, the villagers open civilization, advocating science, national culture and colorful, very Hani national characteristics of the new countryside come to the fore, become Yuanyang Hani terraces, one of the highlights Attracting domestic and foreign tourists to take photographs in the village, sightseeing, the villagers' thoughts from the closed to open, the use of credit loans to develop Hani costumes and various characteristics of handicrafts in the village opened six Hani clothing stores, 10 handicraft stores , 30 households from the farmhouse and mushroom room hotel, often also introduced the long street feast, see Hani folk artist song and dance performances, public catch fish and other activities to attract tourists.

  Reporter Wang Linzheng (Yunnan Daily)

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