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Warmly celebrate updating and online of Yuanyang Terrace

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local traffic
xinjiezhen shuttle bus to the nearby towns and villages. Depended more tree first bus 07:30, return to the last train volatile, probably 18:00-19:00, 5 yuan fare; into Katsumura first bus 10:30, last bus 16:00, fare 5 yuan; into Ga mother 12:00,13:30,16:30 three shifts; Panzhihua, FOR Huangmao Ridge, Funchilin,,, Kazakhstan, Russian tie, the the Luchun direction of the first shuttle probably 7:30, last train probably 18:30.
More common is a mini-van, ran in the township, the departure time is not fixed.
In Yuanyang time is tight, the weather is good and most convenient transport is chartered a mini-van in front of the Chinese New Year price is 280 yuan / day, lobbied 7 people, more cost-effective. Generally set out to in accordance with the tree shot sunrise 06:00 Return along the shooting back to the rest of New Street, noon 16:00 to go Tiger Mouth shot Sunset. If the driver is familiar with the shooting, according to weather conditions, some shooting recommended for you, parking directions, at any time that the harvest may not measure with money.

accommodation situation:
Want to make the morning terraces, live in the old county better, larger hotel tower ladders Shunjie Hotel Yunti Hotel, terraced apartments, standard rooms in more than 150 yuan. Live in Katsumura also a good choice addition to New Street, around the shooting point more concentrated, but car rental, dinner estimated New Street convenience. Recommend a few prices were relatively cheap word-of-mouth is very good accommodation for reference:
A government guest house across from the bus station. Triple 15 yuan / person, Quadruple 10 yuan / person, there are eight human 5 yuan / person, Deluxe Standard Room 150 yuan. If you like the excitement also would like to take the opportunity to go out to pay more friends, eight human good, light or bedding every day for a communal bathroom and toilet are cleaned daily. Here lack the guest can not get the key, the waiter is not inconvenient.
2., Chenjia Hostel, Yuanyang, next to the old bus station in Yuanyang County, the old county family hotels, accommodation clean, good boss is more professional registration accommodation will give each presented a hand-drawn map to tell guests how to arrange the next day to play line. Invincible balconies, terraces and sunset can be seen in the above. Standard Room 65 /; ordinary 25 yuan / room.
3 yuan of Yangsheng Village Pengcheng Hotel, located next to Yuanyang County wins Village farmers market newly opened soon, solar water heater, the quilt is very clean. 50 yuan / double standard room between. Boss Phone 13,649,611,959 13,769,378,588.
4 wins Village concept Tian Hotel, standard room 100 yuan / room, during the Spring Festival will be expensive. Phone 0873-5620199. In good condition, the hot water at night have a guarantee, on the first floor, there is a hotel, eat here, you looked into the kitchen dishes tell the boss what.

the main Yuanyangtitian shooting point and the best shooting time
Departure to the the Luchun direction traveling at 5 km road from Yuanyang the Old county (xinjiezhen) left the soil pot Walled terraced, also known as Qingkou terraced clay pot Walled Qingkou two the Hani ethnic villages around surrounded by layers of terraced fields, ornamental shooting the Qingkou terraced best sunrise side according to 8,9 o'clock in the morning. Village Nei Hani ethnic culture the Exhibition and mushrooms room can go visit.
Soil pot the Village (Qingkou) forward 11 km to reach the the fierce product - Ah Meng control terraced, commonly known as "Tiger Mouth", located in the road on the right. Here is the most spectacular and magnificent terraced fields of Yuanyang, fierce goods, Ah Meng control, security cottage three piece. Thousand acres of terraced down the hillside to the Quartet extends until bottomed slope between 30 ~ 50O, watch, shooting fierce goods terraces, the best afternoon dusk.
Terraced ago by fierce product line over 60 kilometers to the Russian tie Township Kazakhstan broadcast village. Kazakhstan sowing Village Hani population Omura, about 300 households with a population of more than 1,000 the January Lunar December 12 to be held in the traditional festivals of Hali the "Angma sudden. More than 300 families in the village to put on more than 300 banquet tables along the Village Road, known as the "the long queue feast" or "Long Street Banquet. During the meeting, accompanied by singing and dancing, happy warm, table decorations are Hani flavor of dishes, as many as 20 kinds of guests this point, as a guest of the day can taste one hundred dishes, drink one hundred wine, song and Hani masses dance. Then go to Kazakhstan broadcast the village shooting mingling understand the customs of the Hani people.
From Yuanyang the Old county (xinjiezhen) to the left of the line before the fierce goods terraced direction 8 km of the road, a fork into Katsumura. The Katsumura turn into bombs stone pavement, go 5 km at the junction of the left large areas of terraced beauty in diffuse clouds in, is a good place to shoot. Further forward several kilometers roadside in a restaurant parking lot, turn down after a large area of ​​terraced hill 200 meters before Dasan overhead. After 6 km Katsumura out that depended more tree vantage points. According to tree clouds change Meteorology is a good place for sunrise shooting Caixia, and roadside geographical wide, can accommodate hundreds of photographers.
Terraced fields in addition to a lot of photography point described above In addition, there are the "horns Walled, Nagarjuna dam", Mount faithful to Yuanyang to the local travel agencies understand ask.
The best shooting season of the month in the terraced fields from November until April, this time, terraced irrigation water, silver waves rippling layers of terraced fields, shooting. 9,10 is also shooting rice golden lines, color blocks of a good time.

shooting terraced Note
Today Yuanyangtitian beauty photography has become a world-famous tourist destination, it sets the sea of ​​clouds, terraced, ethnic customs, ecological agriculture, human and natural high degree of harmony in one showcase a terraced culture: forest - Village - terraces - water system four degrees of structure benign agricultural ecosystems. In order to attract a large number of foreign tourists to go sightseeing photography. Mount faithful love to ride go tour photography safe driving special tips are as follows: Do not park your car in a sharp curve, and we rely on the cliffs edge in the on-street parking should be selected from a wide free rockfall dangerous place to prevent vibration and Wind the motorcycle capsized fall to the side of the road down the mountain. Qingkou, fierce product two vantage points has a car park, it is best to park the car into the parking lot. Do not step in the fierce goods (Tiger Mouth) shooting, do not climb the fence outside, in order to avoid falling into the abyss under, shooting in the field within walking down crops.
Yuanyang County each village to Hani the people-based, most of the farmers for underprivileged children to school difficulties which have dropped out of school at home, a lot of kids, Mount faithful photographic folk songs when these children will be asked to perform a photo, to give a little tip. Mount faithful to meet their demands, to dedicate little love for the poor children of the mountain, with some of the excess clothes on them. This makes our Morocco trip more meaningful. Left to love, beauty camera back.
With the change of the year round, mu terraced show grace, spring green world, autumn is golden Inayama after the winter tranches terraced like a mirror mosaic valley chain similar color to the sky, as early view of the sea of ​​clouds day out more beautiful as fairyland. Friends, if you do this and be tempted, please ready to pack maintenance of good vehicles to this earth throughout the United States embarked on it! I wish you a pleasant journey and a pleasant journey!

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