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Sweet crying marriage

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  When the Hani girls in the Ailao Mountains in southern Yunnan were married, no matter whether they were lovers or "the life of their parents, the words of the matchmaker," they had to perform an interesting custom of singing and singing.

  When the man to reach their families after the family, the girl's parents and brothers to the village several feast of the elders of men, sharing the delicious, singing "Haba." During the banquet, the elders of the woman will put the throat singing Hani old man 's "Song Song to send":

  Sarah clothes ... ...!

  The moon in the sky round the,

  The flowers in the mountains were red;

  Long-winged pigeons to fly away,

  Raising the daughter to get married.

  Married girl Oh,

  Separated from the birth of the parents;

  Xiangshan slope of the chestnut leaves,

  Where to float where to fall.

  Married girl Oh,

  Father and sister though pro,

  How old in a home.

  The roof of her parents do not leave you,

  Cooking tripod does not leave you,

  Wait until the "October" season,

  Maida Baba will leave you ... ...

  In the big room outside the "twisted" (approximate public housing), the village aunt sisters, is to be married to the bride carefully dressed. However, on weekdays like a bird-like joy of the girl, at this time has become very shy shy, disobedient, and help her change her clothes do not reach out, for her hair she did not understand braid. Turned out to be the girl heard the big room banquet on the old man singing of the sentimental farewell to send the wedding song, to produce on the well, the parents of brothers and childhood friends of love. Suddenly in my heart, could not stop the tears flutter Pu Susu fell down. The aunt and companions of the caress and comfort, so that girls become more nostalgic sadness, and even burst into tears. Complex feelings here only done before the bride's woman was able to appreciate it. Aunt, but regardless of her crying and crying, still perform their duties, arm of the dress Ruhuasiyu, but tears of the girl, to the big room banquet, the old people for courtesy farewell cry. Immediately, the pro-mother to a full of new clothes of the delicate chic flower basket, destroyed in the girl's shoulder. At this point, the girl cries. Reluctantly looked at the daughter, do mother also inevitably nose sour, eye socket redness. The girl surrounded by the public, while crying sad singing "married song", step by step away from her mother's house, straight cry out of the "Zhaimen" date.

  Hani girl crying marry, half out of nostalgia, farewell sadness, half it is necessary to fulfill a kind of ancient rules. It is said that when the girl married do not cry, the future will be unhappy. Therefore, that the more sad the better cry. Of course, the Hani girl cry cry of this sad, do not have some sweet taste in my heart. Source: China Red River network

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