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Bingzhongluo-the fairyland in the mountains and mist

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  Bingzhongluo is the most beautiful place in the Nujiang Grand Canyon. Here is full of wild and wild, no carving traces, where the air fresh and sweet, no dust mist, where the sky blue as swab, no carbonic acid pollution, here filled with rustic beauty, rugged beauty, quiet beauty. Here each Qifeng rocks, each tree, each Jing ditch has its own gods ... ...

  Bingzhongluo is located in the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Gongshan Dulong Nu Autonomous County of the north, from the seat of state government Liuku 329 km, 43 km away from Gongshan county.

  Bing Zhongluo is a multi-religious coexistence and harmonious coexistence place, religion Lamaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Catholicism, primitive religion and primitive religion and Tibetan Buddhism as one of the folk religion. There is a famous Lama Monastery - Pu Hua Temple, there is a famous Catholic Church - the heavy church. In 1904, the French missionary Ren Anhou over the Biluo snow-capped mountains to come here, in 1937, he sleep here, so far the tomb is still, become a special local landscape.

  In Bingzhong Luo's Peach Blossom Island, the fog village, are surrounded by mountains, one side of the river, before and after the house are all pieces of green wheat, the village structure is simple like a hut scattered on the green carpet building blocks , In the sun or the sun shines under the shrouded shadows, also true also false, dreamlike, this is the real landing as the fog and peach blossom paradise ah! Compared with the Inagi Aden, along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Everest, it is a magnificent beauty, is isolated earth, unattainable; and Bingzhongluo beauty is in the earth, is close, is completely melt into Exudation of which lived with God. Because of this, now in Bingzhongluo town still retains the custom of going out is not locked, and even the field to do business people can do this penetration of the township as the custom.

  Tea Horse Road in Yunnan has been basically replaced by modern transport, only C in the southeast of the Tibetan caravan to the southeast is still walking through the trail today. This living Tea Horse Road, began in Bingzhongluo, along the canyon back Nu River north, leading to the Tibet Nyingchi Chayu County, the location of the town government Zawa Longana, a total length of 70 km. This road is both the ancient post road in Yunnan and Tibet, but also today the only thorough communication Chaveo pass perennial road, the township has been the main access to this road. Along the way through the Shimen Pass, that Chalo Canyon and other attractions, hooves printed mottled, hoofs sound, empty valley sound, ancient.

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