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Yuanyangtitian travel Raiders

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  Two years ago we heard Yuanyang terraces, but unable to do so a long time. Come long distances, difficult conditions, and secondly, he is not a photography enthusiasts.

  Earlier this year, whim, hope to have a short-term long-distance travel, in about four days.The destination of choice, I've been hovering between Xiamen and Yuanyang, the final choice of Yuanyang, only one and a magnificent terraced picture from the Internet, so charming. I am a perfectionist, detailed travel plans, make sure that they will do for each trip accurate, to fight for full coverage of the attractions, and take full advantage of the time. Yuanyang, online information is mixed, it took me quite a long time to prepare before the trip. Now, I have the Yuanyang trip to be itemized account summary, I hope to be beneficial to all our friends.

  The first day, are in their way.

  My goal is that morning from Shanghai, can arrive before 20:00 the Yuanyang xinjiezhen (Old Town), in order to catch up the next day terraced Sunrise. My plan is to take the early morning flight from Kunming airport on Haifeikunming (3.5 hours), take a taxi to the Kunming Nan kiln Bus Station (0.5 hours), where the coach, or the construction of water to go (6-7 hours), or (5-6 hours) to go from the old to the Yuanyang the Nansha (Metro), followed by small the bus to xinjiezhen (Old Town) from Yuanyang, Nansha (of 50 minutes). For travelers, the real itinerary is always full of twists and turns, and I hurry on his way accidents constantly.

  The first flights.

  I chose Shanghai Airlines FM9455, 7:55 departure 10:55 arrive the day Fei Kunming earliest flight. When I arrived at the Hongqiao Airport, the check-in counter staff told the flight was canceled due to mechanical failure. Fortunately, after a group of Eastern Airlines MU5816 8:05 departure 11:20 arrive Shanghai waiter immediately turn for me to sign, so little time lost. The rhythm of the rain in Shanghai by the end of February, resulting in the aircraft delayed half an hour before take-off. PS,PS, waiting at the airport, I saw the the Shanghai volleyball players, they are rushed to Qingdao to play 16 of the National Men's Volleyball League away game against Shandong men's volleyball team. Love to see the men's volleyball game, the Shanghai volleyball players are familiar with. I imagine so tall, but looks really thin. Leave a relatively deep impression Sven Cui Xiaodong (wearing glasses), Fang Yingchao's handsome, as well as any free man Qi diligent (and has been helped in the luggage) The aircraft landed at Kunming Airport at 11:40 am.  We do not have checked baggage, so the first out of the airport, flew taxi at 11:55.  A distance of only 3 km away from the city of Kunming Airport Kunming Nan kiln car bus terminal is only about four kilometers.  Reasons road, this journey is usually more crowded, and dirty.  Arrived at the bus terminal of the South Kiln, already is 12:25, the front door is the ticket office, inquiries that bound Jianshui 12:30 there is a group, bound for the old 13:00 only. Therefore, I chose the route from Kunming - Jianshui - Yuanyang. PS,PS, Kunming to Yuanyang, there are three ways. l A direct trips rarely ,10:40-20: 00 3 classes, and the next two classes a night bus, slow and dirty.l Kunming to Jianshui then Yuanyang, Nansha.Kunming to Jianshui, buses daily 07:30-20:30 (23 classes), every 20-30 minutes, 3 - 3.5 hours to reach; Jianshui to Yuanyang, Nansha, winding mountain road, very bumpy. CMB daily 7:15 - 18:40 (30 classes), every 15-20 minutes, 3 hours to reach.  l The third is Kunming to Gejiu then Yuanyang,.  Kunming to Gejiu, two tarmac roads, buses daily 07:25-21:00 (24 classes), arrived around 4 hours; Gejiu to Yuanyang, Nansha or xinjiezhen, basic CMB every 10-25 minutes class, probably about one hour to arrive.

  In comparison, the third in Kunming - old - Yuanyang overall shortest, but long the Kunming - old time. For me, I must arrive before 18:30 pm intermediate station (Jianshui, Yuanyang), so I chose from the construction of the water to go, although the overall time may be slightly longer. Bound from Kunming to Jianshui coach (198km), the fare of 70 yuan, beginning in Kunming to Yuxi Expressway, back from a secondary road the Yuxi through the sea to reach Jianshui. The driver is very stable, but slowly, think safety away from home, and therefore feel that the master was well. Can open a half-hour when the car down the mouth from the highway after the toll gate, the driver who shuffles leisurely tour to the toll gate railings collision.  Just listen to the "thumping" a toll gate railings Bengduan, the car still move slow, stop 300 meters from leaving the toll gate. Whole car people do not know what is the cause, we speak, that drivers may have lost his mind, otherwise how could poison straight into the toll gate.  Between the driver and another tube money master washed off, and ran to the toll gate, leaving the man's loss of a car and I do not know why. Three quarters of an hour later, the driver came back, turn on the car VCD movies, leaving a "car not have to wait for the insurance company to" go. I learned from questioning locals are willing to be under the highway, the driver noticed brake failure, no longer stopped in front of the toll gate, only to collide in the past and slowly stopped.  Although excusable, but how should we do it and let this delay, anyway I could not before 7:00 rushed to build water, not to mention the night to reach Yuanyang.  Therefore have to wait behind the long-distance bus services from Kunming to Jianshui passing through here. , Ah, etc., etc. etc., and finally in 15:30 hours until the long-haul trucks from Kunming to open at 1:30.  Thought, they are an operating company, should not be re-collect the money to us, they tell us, without any explanation going to build water, you have to dig 30 yuan. Well, fail to beat them, elimination of money to avoid disaster. New to sit on this coach was excruciatingly slow, Dangling arrived Jianshui until 17:30 pm.  Jianshui is an ancient city, said to have magnificent ancient city walls, as well as the Jiangnan garden private garden (not just water Reiki magnificent architectural style unique).  But we have time to take them into account, jumped out of Kunming - Jianshui long distance bus, we went straight to the bus Jianshui - Yuanyang.  Our luck was not too bad, 17:45, we sat on the car, the ticket is 31 yuan.  Drivers constantly soliciting the way, we also see a minor celebrity Jianshui ancient city wall, really is quite magnificent.  Jianshui to Yuanyang, from the map, is not far, only 81km look, but in fact has been in the winding way to go through a small village, down a very bumpy. Jianshui to Yuanyang winding road, not very boring, because there are all kinds of small villages, golden rape fields, slightly terraced like these extraordinarily beautiful at sunset. 19:20 when the sun truly fall, followed by days immediately black, driving on a winding mountain road some really cautious person. However, the driver is too familiar with this road, mountain road constantly in the ups and downs, but the car has been in full throttle. Along the travel-stained, and finally 20:50 o'clock in the evening, we arrived at the of Yuanyang Park (Nansha). Yuanyang county, the new county called Nansha, is said to be at the foot of the mountain; another old county called xinjiezhen, in the mountains, To to see Yuanyangtitian, you need to go to the old Yuanyang county. (Engage in some of the name of the new and old Yuanyang county, but more deeply about, you'll be familiar with.) Chin running back and forth between the new and old county Yuanyang, it is easy to find on the county bus station to fare $ 10, compared to the the front from Kunming to Jianshui bus, apparently it pays more.  In the evening we boarded a minibus to the old Yuanyang county, 20:55 and arrived 50 minutes later. We can be considered to be completed before 22:00 the day on their way.

  Wordy Rory, or summarize to go away:

  ** Aircraft, Shanghai Hongqiao - Kunming Airport, China Eastern Airlines MU5816 ,08:05-11: 40

  ** Taxi: Airport Kunming - Kunming Nan kiln bus station, 25 minutes, 12:20 to reach $ 14

   ** Coach - bus: Kunming - Jianshui, 5 hours ,12:30-17: $ 30,100. (Due to the event of an accident in the middle, so wasted 1.5 hours, spend $ 30, three and a half hours under normal circumstances, 70 yuan)

  ** Coach - CMB: Jianshui - Yuanyang, Nansha, 3 hours ,17:40-20: $ 55,31.

  ** Coach - minibus: Yuanyang, Nansha - Yuanyang xinjiezhen 50 minutes ,21:00-21: 50,10 $  There are many online accommodation description about Yuanyang excerpt paragraph: "xinjiezhen relatively small place, Accommodation, relatively poor condition, most people's sense of service is still relatively limited, we have to be psychologically prepared. Especially the Spring Festival During accommodation is a problem, the best early given room, or they may not have a place to live during the Spring Festival xinjiezhen hotels, suites (2 beds, a TV, without a bathroom) price of 80 yuan , standard between about 100-130 (usual suite is 30-40 yuan / room, the standard room is about 50 yuan / room). shared bathrooms basic solar night early bath, otherwise the water may cool These descriptions are basically accurate.Frequently mentioned online more than a small hotel, the government guest house, no.  It is said that more than a small hotel already do, the government guest house has expanded into a ladder Shunjie Hotel.  I will give you recommend a few hotels are near in the Yuanyang xinjiezhen old bus terminal / Square, 1 minute away. Several hotels I called, everyone can go to make a phone call before booking the room.

  ** Ryoen hotel ,0873 -5,623,618 (inn-type) **

  ** The Chenjia inn ,0873 -5,622,343 (inn-type)

  ** The aerial ladders Shunjie large hotel (three stars) ,0873 -5,621,588 (hotel type)

  ** Yuanyangtitian apartment ,0873 -5,622,903 (hotel type) Eat in Yuan Yang xinjiezhen to available select few, some in the plaza surrounding the hotel, the other is the square of Posts and Telecommunications street. Online said a six hotels "," inside the food is too delicious to and the price is reasonable. Fried pork ribs, tofu, fish, and there is a lot of spicy chicken are delicious ah ~ But the most unfortunate thing is do not eat fried loach in the rumors. "Indeed, I would also recommend this six military Hotel If your request is not too high, this food is good and satisfactory. Hotel fat male buddy (estimated boss is a family hotel) ,13-14-year-old before tossing his paunch tea and meal delivery, super cute.Xinjiezhen pedestrian street is very lively. The street-side snack bar, during the day is to sell rice, baked tofu, Tamarind, Baba local snacks, evening is selling barbecue. These snacks, I tasted pretty good.  Side street, there are a lot of a fruit. The next day is a terraced travel.  Online too terraced travel routes, itinerary, basic or less the same. Famous rice terraces in Yuanyang: multi accordance tree (Sunrise), the old Walled, Ma Li Village, dam reached (sunset), the the Qingkou (including Folk Village) the Nagarjuna dam (Sunset), Golden Bamboo Village, Tiger Mouth (Sunset ) and the like. To browse through it again, the best is an afternoon + a-day, so you can see both the sunset, a sunrise. Personally think that the reason why the famous terraced, three elements: The first is a magnificent, beautiful curve, and the second is indistinct clouds, unpredictable, Third Sunrise Asaka / sunset against the background of the sunset, colorful. So, watch the best moments of Yuanyangtitian 1,2 months of sunrise or sunset. Because in January and February, the the terraced irrigation season, a lot of water irrigation to the terraces when you when standing on the hill overlooking the terraced water layers of clouds silhouetted against the sky and wisps Rays; With the day / Sunset, the brilliance of the sun appears changes in the strength, terracing can instantly transform stature.  If irrigation terraces crafts people in the walking group N group ducks swimming, terraced ridge, entire Yuanyangtitian scenery even more perfect, is a paradise for photographers.  Yuanyang, February 28-March 1, to engage in "China Honghe Hani terraced Cultural Tourism Festival and arrange real large-scale perform" Yuanyangtitian "(3/1 morning) and Long Street Banquet (3/1 afternoon). Xinjiezhen tourists very much, but more police and security.  Engaged in the travel section of the local advantage is that the accumulation of popularity, attract more tourists; Another advantage is that, originally no charge attractions charges, originally a cheap ticket prices.  Sure enough, in the Qingkou dam up to multi-door by four trees and Tiger Mouth attractions, fences and entrances and exits, and posted a notice that from February 22, 2009, more than four spots to start charging 30 yuan / person, half a year of trial operation. It seems that originally attracted to the tourists need more costly. (However, Yuanyangtitian is the local Hani daily labor farming life places, watch terraced mostly from the top of the hill overlooking the foot of the mountain to the vast farmland, fenced fees not easily ah, huh, huh!)

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