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The legend of Hanayama Festival of Miao nationality

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  Lunar New Year the first three days each year, four or five days, is a grand festival of Miao - step Huashan. These three days, Miao men, women and children, all wearing gold and silver, rushed from all directions to spend at the foot of the mountain, blowing Lusheng, playing Xiangmei, playing kicks, playing sword, bullfighting, fighting thrush ... ... In particular, Is the eye-catching: a microphone Duozha ribbon, the first hoop Bupa, back paste flower sticks, stretched out his hands, over his head, anti-seize the flower pole, two feet gently upward, head down, Feet up, a vertical leap, to climb to the top of the flower, one climbed the other connected. Suddenly, applause sounds come and go. This is the Miaojia unique step Huashan.

  This holiday is how come?

  Legend in ancient times, Miaojia live in the plains. The land was so wide that the days, flat like a playground, mid-year good weather, every family has to eat and wear. At that time, the Miaojia have a son called Mengzi, others are very good, there are nine sons, eight girls. Every night, he led his son and girl blowing Lusheng, beat drums, singing, dancing.

  One night, the sound of leather drums spread to the palace, shook the palace, alarmed Manchao civil and military. As a result, the emperor sent around to visit.

  One day, the emperor knew that Miao had a large piece of good land. Every family had money and grain, and his eyes were red, and his heart was bad. He sent troops to fight Mengzi. Huangbing every place to wantonly to seize, no evil, make Miaojia not peace. Now, put Mengzi unitary to hot, and he led Miaojia, together to resist the imperial soldiers. However, because Mengzi You weapons is not good, the result of repeated defeats, has been rushed to the mountains in the forest.

  This mountain forests, a peak than a peak, a peak than a peak high, continuous. Miao fled here, shouting shouting should not, can not find. Mengzi You cut a tall and straight fir trees, pruning peeling, dyed red and white, the red belt off his waist, tied to one end of the flower pole, stand on the highest peaks, Used to summon Miao children. Miao people to see, have gathered to. Mengzi unitary in the bar under the camp, called the nine sons and eight girls to guide part of the Miao people, were stationed in the top of the hill. They are hunting, while farming land weaving, while building the house, playing weapons. A few years, Miaojia and get rich. As a result, Miaojia also hit the drums, blowing Lusheng, singing and dancing.

  The sound of leather drums spread to the palace, the emperor sent to the soldiers, along the drum to attack Mengzi. When he heard the news, he called the son and the girl together and asked, "Did the imperial soldiers call again?

  They replied in unison, "Make enough." Mengzi asked, "Are not all the points kept?" In addition to his son Nongmia, the rest replied, "Keep it tight."

  Mengzi You see the farmers playing microphone did not say, on the angrily asked: "You?" Farm playing microphone smiled replied: "I did not block the checkpoints." Mengzi You heard, furious, shouted: "You Do not plug the hurdle, do you want to put the imperial soldiers into the mountains, kill your brothers and sisters, to cut my head? "Agricultural playing microphone still grinning replied:" Abba, I want to open the door, At the foot of the flower - bar, behind closed doors, the imperial soldiers were good at weapons, and they did not win when they did not.

  Mengzi You heard these words, anger diminished slightly, and asked: "What are you going to quote?" Nongmei looked at eight sisters, replied: "A few years ago, we fight with the Imperial soldiers, they return to victory , This time they will be negligent, we can choose some girls dress up, while the selection of a number of high martial arts young man, the girl dancing under the flower pole to lure Huangbing to Huashan up, surrounded by heavy troops under the ambush, Hillside, we hang the flag for the number of troops and horses around Shulong over Huashan elite soldiers to kill down inside and outside the attack will kill the Emperor soldiers ... ... "Meng Ziyou after listening to turn angry to hi: "Well good, then, who will flag it?" Farm playing microphone answer: "The key to this battle in the flag, flag must be timely, hang fast, it is necessary to have the courage, but also the strength, but also To be flexible ... ... "Mengzi unit heard here, turn hi for the worry, ranging from agricultural playing microphone finished, and anxious to ask:" Who will flag it? "Eight sons rushed to the front, scrambling Rushing to flag. Mengzi You repeatedly looked at a few sons, or who can not decide the flag. "The game climbs the pole, and who wins the flag," Nongmia told the eight younger brothers, and the Mongolian child heard the applause: "Okay, so do it!"

  Competition began, Miaojia have to spend to the next, the three-tier outside the three children will be surrounded by children. Nine sons in turn surrounded by flowers. Mengzi standing under the flower pole, holding a red flag. All of a sudden, the whole mountain full of people. Mengzi You looked at the nine sons, asked: "Which first to climb?" Voice decline, the youngest son of Geshawduo went to spend the next, hold flowers, like squirrels rustling to climb up, and slippery to slide down. Everyone met, have applauded. The sound of applause, Chi Suoduo said to his father: "how? Give me the red flag it!" Mengzi You have not opened his second son agribusiness exclaimed loudly: "slow down, look at me." He Both hands grab bar, legs tread rod, the body does not stick rod, brush and on, and brush down, everyone saw, applause. Farm row Gong smiled and said to his father: "Abba, the red flag to me!" Farm playing microphone leap forward, one grabbed the red flag, bite the red flag, grab pole, just two hands, blink of an eye Climbed to the top of the pole, another down down, up and down, from several times, faster than once. Everyone met stunned, after a long while before the applause. Several brothers met, said in unison: "Abba, Elder brother's martial arts than we are high, let the Elder brother flag it!" In this way, the election is over.

  Then, in accordance with the recommendations of agricultural playing microphone, selected part of the pretty girl and a part of the fine young man, stay in the flower under the lure imperial troops, the rest of the people to the foot of the mountain ambush up.

  The people on the hills blows, very lively. Foot around the Miao family ready weapons, waiting for the arrival of Emperor.

  Soon, the imperial soldiers swaggering into the encirclement. Farm playing microphone standing under the flower pole, see Huangbing not far from their own, and told everyone to stop singing and dancing, killing the mountain down to the mountain, he immediately turned, resorted to the greatest ability to climb to the top pole.

  Huangbing know the meaning of playing the microphone, to resist the down side of the Miao Bing, a side to the farm to play miao archery. In order to avoid bows and arrows, farmers playing microphone around the pole circled on, a stick shoot shoot empty. Climb to the half of the time, a few arrows shot to the back of the agricultural playing microphone. He "Oh yo" called out, the mouth of the red flag fell to the ground. He immediately slid down the pole, picked up the flag to bite, and hovering away from the top of the pole. Just climb to the top of the pole, a few arrows shot to his head, he shouted, red flag and fell down. At this time, the imperial soldiers roared shouting, has been under the flower bar. Farm playing microphone see, pull out the sword, struggling to kill the imperial soldiers, Huangbing finally temporarily repulsed. Take this opportunity, farmers play a little thought about microphone, picked up the red flag, do not in the waist, rushed to spend the following, back stick sticks, grasp the pole with both hands, feet lift, head down, feet up , A vertical leap to climb to the top pole. Huangbing met, and shoot arrows, a branch arrows, inserted in the flower pole, inserted in the playing playing on the microphone legs, the back, the blood down the pole down, he moaned, swore, resorted to general strength , Climbed to the top of the pole, hung a red flag.

  Surrounded by the ambush of the Miao soldiers met, have rushed out, struggling to stab the imperial soldiers, Mengzi unitary rushed in the front, killing the imperial troops Guikulanghao, scattered flee. Farm playing microphone read, happy laughed, but he was too injured, closed his eyes.

  This battle, Mengzi You won, but his nine sons and eight daughters died in the flame. Mengzi unitary and Miaojia to carry them to the foot of flowers, guarding the crying until the second year of the first lunar month, three, four, five, only to boil wine and cattle sacrifice, buried at the foot of flowers. Since then, Miao home in the annual lunar sixteen pole, the second year of the first lunar month, three, four, five held memorial ceremony, while practicing nine sons of the inverted pole, dance sword, pole, stick and other martial arts , Encouraging Miao against oppression. Source: China Red River network

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